The Village

IFS - The Village

Inspired by the elements of fire and water, THE VILLAGE provides you with a peaceful haven within the chaos of the city with a garden-side view adding to the ambience.

A culmination of three diverse dining styles, The Village has-
Deli: Casual but fast-paced
Medi: Contemporary and Mediterranean
Grill: Traditional, warm and cozy with privacy for families


Deli @ The Village is “THE Meet & Greet” place to engage you. Deli makes an idyllic setting for meetings and also, provides express take-away. Deli places a high  priority  to freshness and taste and no artificial flavors are used.

Deli’s ambience has a fresh appeal with zesty colors and woodwork, homemade pastries, cakes, quick bites and choice of freshly brewed coffees and beverages.

At Deli you can enjoy fresh and simple in-house baked delicacies including traditional Arabic breakfast, Manaish, Muffins, Croissants, Ice-creams, Oriental sweets and French pastries, Deli’s range of beverages include varieties of teas, Ayran, Lassi and fresh juices.


Medi @ The Village is ”THE place to Connect” . As you enjoy a modern and Mediterranean meal let your taste buds linger over light and simple seafood-based Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Moroccan cuisine. Medi has an open kitchen and elegance to the backdrop in white and azure, interspersed with natural stone and water features. Medi also has an open kitchen for pizza and pasta delicacies, which lets you see freshly baked pizzas and iced local fish on display. Medi’s beverages include specialties and soda creations. The light, fresh and simple flavors of the food and a casual and contemporary ambience of the place make Medi an ideal choice for casual business lunch as well as for meeting friends.


Grill @ The Village is a vibrantly colored, warm and cozy place. Furnished contemporarily with some distinctive opulent Ottoman Baroque pieces, Grill is known for its Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine served in family style.

Grill has an open kitchen that features visual tandoor and charcoal grills. Grill specializes in cuisines from Persia, Lebanon & India. Grill’s Water-Bar specializes in infused water varieties and cold fruit beverages. The upscale venue, private family dining areas, water-bar,  Middle Eastern royal indulgence décor and Baroque enhance the  appeal of the Grill and along with the high service quality.  The Grill is easily the BEST place to Indulge and unwind.

Grill is a child-friendly place and also has a secure play corner for children to keep them entertained, while you eat, meet, unwind and indulge in our exotic cuisine.

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